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Feature Article 

Finally, the day is here: IBM is ending support for IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2 on September 30, 2019. Even though IBM Planning Analytics continues to be “powered by IBM TM1” it’s a bitter-sweet moment. The good news for the many fans of TM1 is that IBM Planning Analytics is not a replacement, but an evolution. A welcome evolution.

If you have not yet upgraded, don’t worry. There is still time to plan your upgrade:

We strongly recommend that you DO upgrade, and start exploring the new features that only come with Planning Analytics. If you don’t upgrade, you are running a risk and missing out on an opportunity!

  1. RISK: Running outdated or unsupported software of any kind carries significant risks, including
    1. security vulnerabilities that grow over time,
    2. software incompatibility risks (one day there may be a version of Excel or Windows that does not work with TM1 10.2.2),
    3. compliance risks (especially for regulated industries),
    4. high operating costs (for example if you run into problems that IBM can no longer help you with) and
    5. performance and reliability issues.
  2. OPPORTUNITY: Planning Analytics is a huge step forward in terms of usability and experience. While the old TM1 Perspectives interface is much-loved by Excel-centric Finance people, many of our customers have struggled to broaden engagement among sales and front-line business users. It turns out that grids of numbers are not everyone’s cup of tea! Here are just a few of the new features that you can start to use when you embrace Planning Analytics:
    1. Planning Analytics Workspace – a free form canvas dashboard design that let’s you add calculations on the fly! This 5-minute video demonstrates some of these capabilities.
    2. Attribute driven hierarchies – enables you to do analysis by attribute value, without adding additional reporting dimensions. Here’s a 3 minute video to see how it works!
    3. A range of performance and maintainability improvements including multi-threading improvements (load and calculate faster), support for newer operating systems and Excel versions, Git integration for developer change management (watch our webinar), and much more!

Furthermore, the innovation will continue! For example, the Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics Workspace development teams are now closely integrated, and augmented Artificial Intelligence features already present in the Cognos Analytics self-service BI tool will eventually be available in PAW as well.

If you are analytics-curious, IBM has created FREE interactive Hands-on Labs that you can access from the Free Trials and Hands On Labs button at, or by clicking here. Just click on the tab for the product that interests you!

Podcast Podcast-[Converted]

QueBIT launched a podcast series “Ask QueBIT about Analytics” to share what we have learned with real life stories and practical advice which will help you on your analytics journey.

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Upcoming Events 

Webinar: Embedding Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in FP&A made easy! -  Register Today!

If you think embedding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within your Financial Planning and Analysis processes is going to be hard, think again. Join us on October 10th at 2pm EDT and learn how you can take the first step into embedding AI and ML into your current Financial Planning process.

IBM Data and AI Forum: The event formerly known as IBM Analytics University is being held in Miami, October 21-24, 2019 - Register Today!

Join us at our first Data and AI Forum in Miami for the latest information on current offerings, new releases, and the future direction of IBM’s Data and AI portfolio.

Webinar: Cognos Analytics Self-Service with Data Virtualization -  Register Today!

Join us on November 14th at 2pm EDT for our upcoming webinar to find out how to leverage data virtualization to implement a universal semantic layer in the service of true Cognos Analytics self-service.

Webinar: Achilles-Predictive Price Optimization  - Register Today!

Join us for a complimentary webinar and learn how QueBIT’s Achilles Predictive Price Optimization solution provides a unified approach to price management, price optimization, promotions and markdown pricing.

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Tips & Tricks


Dynamic Planning Analytics Server Names in PAX

The main difficultly when migrating a Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) report or input template from one Planning Analytics (PA)/TM1 Server to another is making sure it will work across both servers. Every PAX function, like a DBRW or SUBNM, requires the cube name or dimension name be prefixed with the Server name that is being called.

Check out the askQueBIT Knowledge-base to learn more.

Customer Spotlight 

Capturejlg-256051-edited-380085-editedPrescriptive Analytics & CPLEX Decision Optimization and TM1 Dashboard: Combined Planning Power at JLG Industries

QueBIT delivered a CPLEX and TM1 solution that offers a seamless, user-driven experience, which can deliver powerful optimization results at the press of a button.
Get the full story.

Software Lifecycle Updates

Cognos TM1 10.2.0 reached End of Support on 2018-09-30.
Cognos TM1 10.2.2 reached End of Support on 2019-09-30. 
Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.x reached End of Support on 2018-04-30. 

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