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Feature Article

Understanding IBM’s Planning Analytics
and the latest TM1 upgrade

TM1 Server, TM1 Web, and Perspectives Upgrades from 10.2.2 Under IBM’s Planning Analytics

For the past few months, QueBIT has been busy testing out the latest TM1 upgrade from 10.2.2 for the TM1 Server, TM1 Web, and Perspectives modules available under Planning Analytics. After successfully bringing multiple clients forward to the updated TM1 engine, we are excited to report that we are very happy with what we have seen so far.  TM1 under Planning Analytics has proven to provide a stable system that can be run either on premise as Planning Analytics Local [PA Local] or in the Cloud using IBM’s SoftLayer. It includes all the TM1 10.2.2 Fix Packs and continued support for Perspectives in Excel. New features available in TM1 under Planning Analytics include multi-threaded feeders to speed up rule saves and server start-ups, reduced locking contentions, and a Turbo Integrator debugger that allows tracked variables, breakpoints, and TI process pause capabilities. For users requiring Federal Information Processing Standard [FIPS] compliance, the TM1 Data folder can now be encrypted at rest to meet FIPS certification.

Now that we have completed our successful implementations of Planning Analytics, we are here to share our knowledge with you! Reach out to any of your QueBIT contacts or to schedule your TM1 upgrade to Planning Analytics. IBM’s Planning Analytics is the future for TM1 and IBM has committed to providing continued support both on premise and in the Cloud. 

New Tools Available to Be Licensed Under IBM’s Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics Workspace [PAW] and Planning Analytics for Excel [PAx, Formerly CAFÉ] are two new tools available for licensing under IBM’s Planning Analytics.

Planning Analytics Workspace [PAW] is a web interface that serves as the foundation of the Planning Analytics platform. It is a mobile ready, tab based system with easy to build self-service dashboards capable of ad-hoc calculations that allow you to take your data analysis with you on the go. PAW’s natural language search and direct message chat function allow for seamless user experience and team communication.

Planning Analytics for Excel [PAx, Formerly CAFÉ] is Planning Analytics’ Excel add-in. PAx features a modern and intuitive interface and allows access for remote users without requiring the use of Citrix or remote desktop. PAx also includes a rich API library available for complex custom macros. IBM has pledged side by side support for Perspectives for now, but PAx will eventually replace Perspectives as TM1’s Excel add-in for reporting and analysis. A future tool will be introduced to replace Perspectives’ modeling and administration capabilities. 

PA Future.jpg

QueBIT is available to help deploy Planning Analytics Workspace [PAW] and Planning Analytics for Excel [PAx, formerly CAFÉ] for either Planning Analytics Local [PA Local] or Planning Analytics in the cloud on IBM’s SoftLayer. Reach out to one of your QueBIT contacts or email to find out about our available PAW and PAx demo and training sessions. 

Would you like to learn more about IBM’s Planning Analytics on your own? Check out QueBIT’s Technology Manager Ryan Clapp’s informative Planning Analytics
demonstration available to the public here.  

Need Training?

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Summer Webinar Series

Webinar: Galileo Predictive Demand Planning 

How does your business ensure that it has the right products available to meet market demand while controlling costs? As part of their effort to deliver better customer experiences, build competitive differentiation, and ensure cost efficiency, businesses are implementing automated, predictive demand planning systems.

Join us for a complimentary webinar on July 13th to see QueBIT’s Galileo Predictive Demand Planning solution and learn how it has helped other customers maximize revenues through forecast accuracy while controlling costs. Register Today! 

Webinar: Leveraging Planning Analytics & CDM to streamline Financial Reporting and improve Budgeting at Stein Mart 

Hear first hand how Stein Mart addressed challenges with manual budgeting and reporting processes.

Join us for a complimentary webinar on July 27th and find out how the flexibility in Planning Analytics and CDM combined with QueBIT's FrameWORQ quick start model enabled Stein Mart to implement a full solution and meet their aggressive deadlines. Register Today!   

Webinar - Tips & Tricks for TM1 Perspective Templates with Tractor Supply Co

Join us for this complimentary webinar and hear Dan Thomas of Tractor Supply share useful and practical Tips and Tricks for TM1 Perspectives Templates - that enabled him to do even more with this TM1 system and delight his user base. This is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who is a TM1 or Planning Analytics power user or administrator who supports reporting. Register Today!

Webinar: Keep your Planning Analytics/TM1 Engine Humming with these Tune-Up Tips!

Your PA/TM1 application needs regular maintenance tune-ups to keep performing at its best – just like your car! Even if nothing has changed with your business requirements, there are always changes that affect your application.

Join us for this complimentary webinar on August 24th as we take you through a checklist of things our QueBIT experts look for when performing a PA/TM1 healthcheck and performance diagnostic. Now you will be ready to do some tuning up on your own! Register Today!

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Webinar – Athens-Predictive Claims Management for Insurance QueBIT has just released Athens, a predictive claims processing solution to help insurance companies rapidly identify and manage claims that have the potential to be subrogated, investigated for fraud or triaged based on claim complexity.

Webinar: Advanced Topic: Write TM1 Rules like a Pro! If you’re a TM1 user, you know rules are how you work business logic into your model.  You probably calculate things like salaries and sales, and you may even have more complex calculations in your model  such as exchange rates and allocations.

 Webinar – Preparing for Your Cognos Analytics Upgrade Cognos customers currently running an older version (10.2.2 or earlier) and considering an upgrade to unlock the true power and potential of your investment, or just want to stay current with the many enhancements available in Cognos Analytics.

Tips & Tricks

TM1 Perfomance Tips & TricksTips.jpg

With the latest versions of TM1 (10.2.2 +/Planning Analytics), IBM has developed technology which supports Multi-Threading capabilities which can take advantage of the raw horsepower of server processors of today. Learn more


Customer Spotlight 


Stein Mart uses QueBIT's Quick Start Planning Solution to Rapidly Leverage Reporting on the Cloud

With the implementation of IBM’s Planning Analytics software and QueBIT’s “quick start” planning application (a.k.a QueBIT Planning) it became possible to streamline Stein Mart’s planning and reporting processes. Get the full story

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Bruna Garcia is a Consultant at QueBIT Consulting and has been working with JLG Industries to support their internal supply planning process. At JLG, she has designed and implemented solutions to improve forecast accuracy and streamline and automate processes, while ensuring future scalability.

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