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June 2019 Newsletter

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Feature Article 

Goodbye TM1TOP! Farewell TM1 Operations Console!

If you are a long time IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) administrator, you may have developed a fondness through the years TM1TOP3-min-1for a utility called TM1TOP. TM1TOP would tell you what your TM1 Server was up to, which was especially useful if users called to complain that it was “slow” or “hanging”.

If you are a fan of TM1TOP, I have bad – and GOOD - news for you! The bad news is that IBM Planning Analytics release 2.0.7 will be the final release with support for TM1TOP, and its flashier but less popular cousin TM1 Operations Console (“OpsConsole” for short).

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Podcast Podcast-[Converted]

QueBIT launched a podcast series “Ask QueBIT about Analytics” to share what we have learned with real life stories and practical advice which will help you on your analytics journey.

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Upcoming Events 

Webinar: How Predictive Analytics and Lean Forecasting can Narrow the Gap -  Register Today!
How do we get to better forecasts without employing a huge commitment of management time? Join us on July 11th at 2pm EDT for a complimentary webinar to see QueBIT’s Galileo Predictive Demand Planning solution and learn how organizations combine predictive analytics, collaborative planning and lean methods to drive profits.

Webinar: Flexible & Transparent Allocations & Profitability Modeling with IBM Planning Analytics - Register Today!
IBM Planning Analytics Solution for Allocations & Profitability Modeling can be bolted onto existing Planning Analytics (TM1) models, or it can be deployed as part of a brand-new implementation in which allocations are a requirement. Join us on July 25th at 2pm EDT as IBM and QueBIT present an overview and demonstration of the solution.

Webinar: Announcing the release of ReportWORQ 4.2!Register Today!
So, What’s New in 4.2? ReportWORQ now generates, refreshes and distributes Perspectives and PAx based reports without using Excel. Join us on August 8th at 2pm EDT to see how this important release allows ReportWORQ to run on a server where Excel is not even installed. Removing the dependency on automating Excel has resulted in our most stable and fastest version of the product to date.

Webinar: IBM Planning Analytics Development Done Right: Take Advantage of new Git Integration Features!  - Register Today!
In order to maximize the benefits of the flexibility provided by PA and minimize the risks of disrupting your users while implementing changes, IBM added a powerful new Git integration feature in PA 2.0.7. Join us on September 12th at 2pm EDT and see the powerful features of PA Git integration.

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Tips & Tricks


Scripting and Subsets in IBM Planning Analytics

Keeping track of both public and private subsets and views within a TM1 or Planning Analytics model is somewhat daunting since there has been no simple administrative function available to accomplish this task.

Check out the askQueBIT Knowledge-base to learn more.

Customer Spotlight Huffy-1

Huffy Bicycles relies on predictive demand planning to increase
forecast accuracy

QueBIT delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated the final, approved
forecasts directly into Huffy's order management system.
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Software Lifecycle Updates

Cognos TM1 10.2.0 reached End of Support on 2018-09-30.
Cognos TM1 10.2.2 reaches End of Support on 2019-09-30. 
Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.x reached End of Support on 2018-04-30. 

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Ryan Sinclair, Advanced Analytics Solution Architect

Having the opportunity to work on a first-class team while providing our partners with solutions that bring real change to how they operate brings me true satisfaction. Blending my early career in supply-chain management with the technologies that we work with has allowed me to take a unique approach to solving many of our customers problems.

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