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Feature Article 


With the release of Cognos Analytics 11.1, IBM continues to build upon its efforts to streamline, standardize, and modernize the user experience across their analytics offerings, while also taking major steps at embedding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics across the entire Cognos Analytics experience.

The most noteworthy thing (and there are many noteworthy things) about the new release is that it's SMARTER. There is artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics features/functionality infused throughout the entire release. By infusing AI throughout, IBM is attempting to accomplish the following:

  • Automate data prep to save time - addressing the two main adages of data analytics, 1) the lion's share of work in most analytics projects is prepping of the data; 2) garbage in, garbage out. Cognos Analytics aims to make data prep and modeling not only intuitive and flexible, but also the domain of any data explorer(s). 
  • Flatten learning curve to broaden user base - IBM is making a clear push to increase user adoption by converting the nearly 60% of what they call "consumers" to "explorers". While the tools overall are getting smarter, more powerful, more flexible, the push to shift most from passive users to active users is prevalent. 
  • Eureka moments to drive your business forward - with the addition of explorations and increased ease/power of data modeling/prep empowering a much larger percentage of users to dig into their data to un earth findings, the expectation is users will learn the previously unknown, which is the true value of analytics. 
  • Reduce bias to get the real answers - IBM is aware that to the untrained eye, what appears to be a eureka moment can  be false positives or fake news - these unearthed findings can sometimes be intentionally/unintentionally created to serve a purpose, or false positives can be made (correlation vs. causation).

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Upcoming Events 

Webinar: Cognos Analytics 11.1 – Be boundless data explorers! -  Register Today!
With the release of Cognos Analytics 11.1, IBM has made major investments in Cognos in the areas of AI/machine learning, ease of use, data exploration, and governance. Join us on January 10th at 2pm EST for a complimentary webinar to learn more about recent advancements in Cognos Analytics 11.1.

Join us at Think 2019 -  Register Today!
Think is the world’s most celebrated gathering of visionaries, technologists and innovators. It’s where the curious convene to explore, learn, and connect. Think 2019 will be held from February 12–15th in San Francisco—a global center of business and technology innovation. Be sure to check out these sessions;

  • # 4388 Next-Level Reporting & Analysis at Theravance BioPharma with IBM Planning Analytics Workspace
  • # 3591 Leonard Holding Company tackles food safety in real-time using Cognos Analytics 11
  • # 3932 Maximize Margins, Retain Customers and Grow Market Share through Optimal Pricing
  • # 6581  Automating and Transforming WestRock's Corrugated Mills SIOP Process with QueBIT's Galileo

Webinar: Can I TRUST the numbers in this report? - Register Today
Most companies have invested heavily in technology to streamline information flow, through reporting and analysis, to help decision makers have the right data at their fingertips when they need it. Yet critical report production is still often a bottleneck, and fraught with error. Join Gary Quirke, QueBIT’s Chief Executive Officer on February 14th for an in-depth look into causes of this problem and QueBIT’s methodology for addressing it.  

Webinar: Trouble Reporting on your SAP® Data? - Register Today!
QueBIT’s newest solution – ATLAS – is a turn-key and affordable answer to your need for housing, reporting, and analyzing your SAP® data. Join us March 14th for an in-depth dive into ATLAS for details on functionality, implementations, and licensing. 

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Creating Professional PAW Dashboards 

When illustrating your complex operational and financial data, it helps to have a clean and consistent budgeting and forecasting presentation to drive planning efficiency. The tips below offer quick ways to enhance your planning process through four simple presentation techniques.

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Customer Spotlight Surlean Foods Case Study

How Surlean Foods tackled food safety in real-time using Cognos Analytics 11

Ensuring food safety is one of the most recognizable business problems in society. Confidently stating the source, processing, and sales path of every food item ensures that if any challenges arise an organization can quickly act. Get the full story

Software Lifecycle Updates

Cognos TM1 10.2.0 will reach End of Support on 2018-09-30.
Cognos TM1 10.2.2 will reach End of Support on 2019-09-30. 
Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.x reached End of Support on 2018-04-30

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